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Wilt Model 125

Electric "Bell-Type" Glass Annealing Oven





Temperature Range:  0 - 800 deg.C

 Inside Dimensions:
22" wide  x 13" deep x 12" high
55.88cm x 33.02cm x 30.48cm

Area Required When Installed:
31" wide x 26" deep x 59" high
77.85cm x 71.12cm x 149.86cm


Power Requirements:
Single Phase power supply on 208/230 volts, 15amp ( other voltages available ) Please Specify

The Model 125 Glass Annealing Oven features superior qualities in a low cost space saving annealing oven. This oven is of the "Bell Type" design where the whole oven raises and the heat is retained in the oven preventing the exposure of the operator to excessive heat. Proper annealing is assured by one hour heating time from room temperature to borosilicate annealing point of 585 deg.C. The unobstructed oven "bed" provides easy positioning of glassware.


Control panel provides two modes of control."HOLD" setting permits constant predetermined temperature to be maintained. "UP & Off" setting provides automatic shut-off when predetermined annealing temperature is reached. With optional timer a third mode of control is available, "UP" to temperature, "TIME HOLD" at temperature, and "OFF".

Precision balanced counterweight provides effortless raising and lowering.

1 Hour Soak Timer
Digital Limitrol
Chart Recorder
Microprocessor Based Programmable Controller


The model 125 is shipped completely assembled except for the counterweight, which is easily installed with ordinary tools. Installation instructions are included.

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