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WILT MODEL 255K Quartz Annealing Oven
  The resistance of  KANTHAL SUPER elements does not change due to aging, as is the case with silicon carbide and metallic heating elements. This being the case, a failed element can easily be replaced without the performance of other elements connected in series being influenced.  

Furnace Designs

-Bell or top hat

-Vertical front loading


-Rotary hearth


Sizes Available

-Vertical to 14'

-Horizontal to 24'

-Multiple zones on larger furnaces


Furnace Features

-Ambient to 1200C in as little as 15 minutes

-Thermocouple type "R" Platinum-Platinum/Rhodium

-Furnaces can be controlled from control on panel or interfaced with a PC

-Temperature controllable to + or - 2 C at setpoints above 1100 C

-Voltage and amperage meters

-EMO circuit (emergency machine off) activate by power interruption, panel mounted Emergency

  machine off button, overtemperature controller or interfaced into facility fire control system.

-SCR  (power controller) for proportional power control-not mercury relay controlled.

Control Features

-Proportional with  16 step ramp and soak programming

-Auto-tune and fuzzy logic controllable

-Bell of furnace can be programmed to open on cool down

-Comunications standard RS 232 , RS 485 or RS 422

-One button start-step-stop operation  

-Compression connectors used through-out

-flexible conduits and conduits of the highest commercial grade available

-Wired for a 150 % power factor



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